About Katie & Byrrd

Byrrd Adrian

Byrrd has been a Lakeviewian for nearly 15 years, having escaped the countrified confines of a conventional cow town in rural Illinois. Following a string of (in hindsight) comedic setbacks, including awful apartments and worse roommates, shitty jobs and mentally ill girlfriends, he found a home within walking distance of both Wrigley Field and the Music Box Theater.

A couple years later at a softball game, he pulled his groin running to first base. A girl gave him a beer to numb the pain. Before he could thank her, she’d introduced herself via belch and his friendship with Katie was born.

He lives in Lakeview. He works in Lakeview. He eats in Lakeview. He’s occasionally had sex in Lakeview. You might say Byrrd’s an expert on his neighborhood. But he’s not. He’s on the inside looking out—he’s wanting. “Hello, Lakeview” is his chance to be on the inside looking in, to explore the music, people, sports, theater, food, and news that makes this the greatest neighborhood in the Midwest.

In addition to being gainfully employed in some sales capacity like the rest of America, Byrrd also serves as the Managing Editor of the website Whereiflush.com, a blog that documents each new bathroom—or tree or bush or alley—that he has the pleasure to micturate in.

Katie Dorcak

Katie is cooler than Byrrd.