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A Cock-Gobblin’ Holiday

We didn't hate 2022 as much as previous years. In fact, we kind of liked 2022. We give some year-end picks for what we liked (and didn't). We also get caught up on what's new with us and our town. Also, we have a new microphone. Can you tell the difference?

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Cabernet of Curious Cities

Halloween is upon us again! What are your best friends in the world dressing up as this year? Better listen and find out. Also, your heroes talk about what scares them and what sort of trouble they got into at school. Are you curious? Goddamn right you are. Grab a glass of cab and dive [...]

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‘Each Sip’s a Chug!’

The 'casters make their way to Chewie's new Airbnb in Bucktown...or are they in Wicker Park? Katie, Chewie, and Byrrdie know they haven't talked to all of you in a good while, but they promise to bring the jokes. Oh, and Elizabeth stops by or is a producer or something. She has a lot to [...]

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‘How’s the Pudding?’

Winter is coming. The gang talks about fire pits and why January is the worst month. Byrrd goes on location to take listeners up and over the brand-new Belmont flyover. We also tell you why you need a fake wallet these days. This is an episode YOU CANNOT MISS. Pudding.

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Boo! (Did We Scare You?)

Ghosts and goblins, werewolves and witches? Those familiar with this 'cast know that we're not afraid to venture into the macabre. Come with Katie, Chewie, and Byrrd as they discuss the movies that frighten the fuck out of them and the quirky costumes they have planned for All Hallow's Eve. C'mon, do the quick and [...]

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Katie, Chewie, and Byrrd are back after a three-month break! They're in the midst of summer and want to tell their throngs of devotees what they've been up to. And one of them didn't get the memo! (wah-waaaaaaah) I know you want to know what's happening so click on the link a'eady!

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‘I Was Gonna Do a Podcast, but Then I Got High’: Cats, Candy, Kush

Katie, Chewie, and Byrrdie try to round out their media-arts trifecta by speaking about plays and musicals, but they get distracted by a new strain of homegrown and get incredibly high. This episode is brought to you by Kardels' Krunkin' Kush: "Smoke it. Get high. Smoke it again. Whaaat?"

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Remember Concerts?

We do. And we miss them. The team talks about going to concerts, where they like to see live music, and all the bands that inspired them to become the country's most-talked-about podcast.

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We Go to the Movies

Chewie, Katie, and Byrrd talk about the films that make them who they are, the cinematic experiences that shape them, and the movies that made memories. You have your ticket. Butter up your corn and step inside.

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Who’s Zooming Whom?

Podcasts become Zoom calls. Zoom calls become podcasts. Guests are now hosts. Hosts are now guests. Tell me, who's Zooming whom? That's not just a question from Aretha Franklin, HL devotees. We want to know.

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