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‘Hit You Like a Crotch Shock!’

Brendan joins the crew to talk about Love Day, which is fast approaching. They talk about meeting their loves before the conversation devolves into a string of incoherent nonsense, as is typical for this 'cast. Come on in and join the fun!

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Wipe, Gun, Wipe

So long since last we rapped at ya, but this time out Chew, Katers, and Byrrd catch you up on BYOB areas, our favorite places, and turd buckets. We go through so much more so strap on your safety harness, spit out your gum, and get ready to ride!

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‘I’ve Pooped with Boners’

Katie, Chewie, and Byrrd get serious on this very special episode. They take an honest and sober approach to poop, shedding light on where they've gone, how they've gone, and some of their regrets about going. Grab a book, give a courtesy flush, and take a listen to this week's "epoosode."

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Spring Has Dung

Join the gang as we talk about a whole bunch of stuff, from pooping at work to what programs we like or don't and wonder why the Harold Washington Library has so many goddamn prostitutes. Seriously, who's picking up johns there?

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Things to Do, Drinks of Brew

The H.L. crew kicks off the new year with a list of activities for the next 12 months, as well as how they ended the previous year. Katie's better half treats everyone to a taste test of domestic brews. C

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Suburban Scoot Excursion

Katie and Byrrd welcome a guest host, Chewie, into Studio H.L. We talk about our motorbike trip to the 'burbs, as well as where we've been since the summer. Chewie talks about what is new since moving back, and then we cover all sorts of topics. Dig in and enjoy.

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Dog Days of Summer

Katie and Byrrd -- with much help from Payton, Bear, and Max -- take you into their world of dogs, why dogs are better, and all things bark-related. Come join them for an outside broadcast from Chez Kardel.

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ROAD TRIP! (to the Suburbs)

Katie and Byrrd take a trip to the faraway land of suburbia...and beyond. They drive and they drive and they drive some more. (Jesus H., it's a long drive.) They also talk a little bit and bring you up to speed on what's going on. They also promise not to take this long between episodes again.

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The Corn Is Loose…Or Is It?

Katie and Byrrd want answers. And have answers. And will provide answers. Katie and Byrrd know what is real and what is fake when conspiracies are at stake. Come join them as they give you tips in the kitchen and talk dog to you.

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Watching Stuff? Listening to Things?

Spring is in sight, but Katie and Byrrd are still watching programs and movies. They tell you all about what they're watching and what's new in the area (hint: some warmth). Katie tells us all what's great about working from an office (hint: farts). Come on in! There's lots to listen to.

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