Winter in Chicago: We Look Back (and Forward)

"Winter is coming," they say on Game of Thrones. Winter is here, they say in Chicago. Katie and Byrrd survive the worst part of the winter of '17/'18. They take a look back on the best and worst in movies, TV, and books, as well as some of their favorite memories. Byrrd loses his mind at [...]

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Live from Lakeview, It’s Katie and Byrrd!

What's that sound? I think it's your hosts, Katie and Byrrd, talking about the SNL exhibit at the communications museum. What's that? You think they're talking about the sexual harassment too? I think you're right. Listen to the latest 'cast and see what they have to say. And Katie wears all sorts of Bears.

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Ghosts ‘n’ ‘Gay’liens

Who's sick of X-mas? We are. Katie and Byrrd talk about being inundated by the holidays and then segue into the paranormal with tales of ghosts and aliens. Do you have what it takes to listen to this podcast? Prove it.

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We Need a Name

Your hosts take a deep dive into each other's histories, interviewing each other for interesting details. They also bring everyone up to speed on the Cubs playoff hopes, what's new in the area, and how are president's crazy.

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Don’t Call It a Comeback

Katie and Byrrd went away for a little while, but now they are back with a new episode. Katie went and got married during the break. Come and get caught up on all that's new in this latest episode.

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Intestinal Maturity

Opening Day is upon us! A holiday unique to the North Side, Opening Day this year features World Series Champions playing at home at Wrigley Field for the first time in 108 years. Our hosts also check in with their suburban correspondent to see what's new in the nebulous zone of life known as the 'burbs.

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Wadders v. Folders: A Country Divided

Katie and Byrrd dive into politics this month with a special guest. We get caught up on Katie's educational endeavors and the overabundance of concerts at Wrigley Field this summer. The real debate begins with wadding versus folding, an effort to tear the country apart like a one-ply roll of TP.

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“Hello, Lakeview” Goes Hollywood!

Guess what? Katie and Byrrd have a guest podcaster—a 'caster, if you will—and they talk all about movies, weather, and dogs...you know, the same shit. They even have a fact checker for the first time, so they're hitting you with rapid-fire facts. These facts come so fast that they outpace the neurons in any normal person's brain, so if [...]

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We’re Back…with Much to Discuss

Holy shit, give these two a couple bottles of wine and turn 'em loose. They'll wax poetic about anything you even remotely hint at (ranch!) and call themselves experts...and, make no mistake, they are. What they have to say is not only entertaining but important. Tune in with a colleague, cuddle up with a spouse, [...]

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“Hello, Byrrd:” Byrrd’s ‘Cast

Fall is in the air. Katie and Byrrd sit down to a nice autumnal chat about adjacent neighborhoods, the end of softball, and all things Lakeview. Also, your hosts have a sponsor! Tune in and enjoy!

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