The podcast about Lakeview, by Lakeviewians, for all of Chicago.

Welcome to “Hello, Lakeview!” You might be wondering just what the heck is this Lakeview place. Well, Chicago is a city of neighborhoods—200 by some counts, though City Hall says it’s between 70 and 80. Lakeview is the one bordered by Lake Michigan to the east, Ravenswood Avenue to the west, Diversey Parkway to the south, and Irving Park Road to the north. Essentially, it’s the one with Wrigley Field in it.

Katie, Chewie, and Byrrd, your hosts of this podcast, believe the Lakeview neighborhood is the best of the bunch. Their goal is to show you why they think it’s great, taking you through what makes this such a cool, weird, fun, and delightfully precarious place to visit or, even better, call your home.

The podcasts don’t have a set chronology to them. Feel free to start with whatever episode floats your fancy or tickles your boat.

Balloons, Bowls, and Bears—We Cover a Range of Topics

October 14th, 2015|Categories: Miscellaneous|

Join Katie and Byrrd as they hang out, indulge a little, and discuss a wide range of relevant topics, including the Cubs' recent playoff success and butt-licking, and we check in with our suburban correspondent, [...]

We’re Talkin’ Softball…and Byrrd Shows His Proficiency with Numbers

September 11th, 2015|Categories: Miscellaneous|

Welcome to the first official episode of Hello, Lakeview! We waste no time and immerse you directly into our world of recreational softball.

Welcome to Hello Lakeview

June 7th, 2015|Categories: Miscellaneous|

Katie and Byrrd tease the upcoming Hello, Lakeview! podcast. This irreverent—and noticeably low-fi—podcast will cover all things Lakeview, coming at you with a personal and very local touch. They will play songs by local Lakeview [...]